Nevada Rare Plant Atlas

DISCLAIMER: Much new information on locations, biology, and conservation status Nevada's rare plants has accumulated since June of 2001, and many rare plant species have been added to our tracking lists. Until this Atlas can be updated, it should be used only as a general guide to the geographic distribution and status of rare plants in Nevada. For the most current information on Nevada's rare plants, see our tracking lists of at-risk species.  There are no printed copies of the Atlas available.


This index lists all plant taxa on the Nevada Natural Heritage Program's at-risk and watch lists as of 8 August 2001, whether or not included in the current Nevada Rare Plant Atlas. Atlas fact sheets and maps are available and linked for over 80% of these taxa. PLEASE NOTE THAT INFORMATION FOR SOME SPECIES MAY BE INCOMPLETE OR OUT OF DATE. Please read the atlas text sections for further information on the sources and limitations of the data represented on the maps and fact sheets, and for general references cited only in brief in the fact sheets.





(text sections or maps and fact sheets)

compiled by the

Nevada Natural Heritage Program
Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Carson City, Nevada, U.S.A.


and edited by

James D. Morefield

 June, 2001

 for the

U.S. Department of the Interior
Fish and Wildlife Service
Portland, Oregon
and Reno, Nevada

with funds provided under
Section 6 of the Endangered Species Act

Grant EP-3-12

Original Atlas pages are listed on the right and links to current data are on the left.  NNHP links with a  Images available indicate species for which we have photographs.