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Bryophytes of Nevada

Content contributed by Dr. Lloyd R. Stark
Plant Ecologist, Bryologist and Assistant Professor
University of Nevada at Las Vegas

in collaboration with

James R. Shevock
University of California, Berkeley, and
California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

These pages are being developed as a central on-line resource for information and ongoing research on the mosses, hornworts, and liverworts of Nevada and adjacent areas of the Mojave and Great Basin deserts. The desert in general, and Nevada in particular, does not strike most visitors as a "mossy" environment, but there are at least 300 bryophyte species known to occur naturally in Nevada. Many Nevada bryophytes have adapted to harsh desert environments, while many others find refuge in the numerous isolated mountain and wetland environments throughout the state. Current research is focusing on the distribution and reproductive biology of Mojave Desert bryophytes, particularly the globally rare species of conservation concern, and on collecting throughout Nevada to develop a more complete bryophyte checklist and flora for the state. The following resources are currently available:

Other Important References:

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