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(last updated 23 Jan 2013)
As of the date above, the following native mammal taxa are known by the Nevada Natural Heritage Program to occur presently, historically, or temporarily, within the state of Nevada. The taxa included in this list reflect the taxonomic opinions and interpretations of the Nevada Natural Heritage Program and may differ from lists originating elsewhere. Some of the taxa are tracked on the Nevada Natural Heritage Program Animal and Plant At-risk Tracking List or included on the Animal and Plant Watch ListGeneral information is available for nearly all taxa on the NatureServe Explorer website. We welcome documentation for taxa that should be added to or removed from this list.
 Scientific Name                        Common Name                            Srank
Ammospermophilus leucurus               white-tailed antelope squirrel            S5
Antilocapra americana                   pronghorn                                 S5
Antrozous pallidus                      pallid bat                                S3
Aplodontia rufa californica             Mono Basin mountain beaver                S1
Bassariscus astutus                     ringtail                                  S4
Bos bison                               American bison                            SX
Brachylagus idahoensis                  pygmy rabbit                              S3
Canis latrans                           coyote                                    S5
Canis lupus                             gray wolf                                 SH
Castor canadensis                       American beaver                           S4
Cervus canadensis                       elk                                       S5
Chaetodipus formosus                    long-tailed pocket mouse                  S5
Chaetodipus penicillatus                desert pocket mouse                      S1S2
Chaetodipus spinatus                    spiny pocket mouse                        S3
Choeronycteris mexicana                 Mexican long-tongued bat                  SNA
Corynorhinus townsendii                 Townsend's big-eared bat                  S2
Dipodomys californicus                  California kangaroo rat                   SNA
Dipodomys deserti                       desert kangaroo rat                      S2S3
Dipodomys merriami                      Merriam's kangaroo rat                    S5
Dipodomys microps                       chisel-toothed kangaroo rat               S5
Dipodomys ordii                         Ord's kangaroo rat                        S5
Dipodomys panamintinus                  Panamint kangaroo rat                     S4
Eptesicus fuscus                        big brown bat                             S4
Erethizon dorsatum                      North American porcupine                  S5
Euderma maculatum                       spotted bat                               S2
Eumops perotis                          western mastiff bat                       S1
Glaucomys sabrinus                      northern flying squirrel                  S3
Gulo gulo                               North American wolverine                  SH
Idionycteris phyllotis                  Allen's big-eared bat                     S1
Lasionycteris noctivagans               silver-haired bat                        S3B
Lasiurus blossevillii                   western red bat                          S1M
Lasiurus cinereus                       hoary bat                                S3N
Lasiurus xanthinus                      western yellow bat                        S1
Lemmiscus curtatus                      sagebrush vole                            S3
Lepus americanus tahoensis              Sierra Nevada snowshoe hare               S3
Lepus californicus                      black-tailed jack rabbit                  S5
Lepus townsendii                        white-tailed jack rabbit                  S5
Lutra canadensis pacifica               northwestern river otter                  S2
Lutra canadensis sonora                 southwestern otter                        SH
Lynx canadensis                         Canada lynx                               SX
Lynx rufus                              bobcat                                    S5
Macrotus californicus                   California leaf-nosed bat                 S2
Marmota flaviventris                    yellow-bellied marmot                     S4
Martes americana                        American marten                          S2S3
Mephitis mephitis                       striped skunk                             S5
Microdipodops megacephalus albiventer   Desert Valley kangaroo mouse              S2
Microdipodops megacephalus nasutus      Fletcher dark kangaroo mouse              S2
Microdipodops pallidus                  pale kangaroo mouse                       S2
Microtus longicaudus                    long-tailed vole                          S4
Microtus montanus fucosus               Pahranagat Valley montane vole           S1S2
Microtus montanus nevadensis            Ash Meadows montane vole                  SH
Mustela erminea                         ermine                                    S3
Mustela frenata                         long-tailed weasel                        S5
Myotis californicus                     California myotis                         S4
Myotis ciliolabrum                      western small-footed myotis               S3
Myotis evotis                           long-eared myotis                         S4
Myotis lucifugus                        little brown myotis                       S3
Myotis thysanodes                       fringed myotis                            S2
Myotis velifer                          cave myotis                              S1B
Myotis volans                           long-legged myotis                        S4
Myotis yumanensis                       Yuma myotis                              S3S4
Neotamias amoenus celeris               Humboldt yellow-pine chipmunk             S2
Neotamias dorsalis                      cliff chipmunk                            S5
Neotamias minimus                       least chipmunk                            S5
Neotamias palmeri                       Palmer's chipmunk                         S2
Neotamias panamintinus                  Panamint chipmunk                         S4
Neotamias quadrimaculatus               long-eared chipmunk                       S4
Neotamias senex                         Allen's chipmunk                         S2S3
Neotamias speciosus                     lodgepole chipmunk                        S4
Neotamias umbrinus nevadensis           Hidden Forest Uinta chipmunk              SH
Neotoma albigula                        white-throated woodrat                    SNA
Neotoma cinerea                         bushy-tailed woodrat                      S4
Neotoma devia                           Arizona woodrat                           SNA
Neotoma lepida                          desert woodrat                            S5
Neovison vison                           mink                                     S4
Notiosorex crawfordi                    Crawford's desert shrew                   S3
Nyctinomops macrotis                    big free-tailed bat                      S1S2M
Ochotona princeps                       American pika                             S2
Odocoileus hemionus                     mule deer                                 S5
Ondatra zibethicus                      common muskrat                            S5
Onychomys leucogaster                   northern grasshopper mouse                S5
Onychomys torridus                      southern grasshopper mouse                S5
Ovis canadensis nelsoni                 desert bighorn sheep                      S4
Parastrellus hesperus                   western pipistrelle                       S4
Perognathus longimembris                little pocket mouse                       S5
Perognathus parvus                      Great Basin pocket mouse                  S5
Peromyscus boylii                       brush mouse                               S3
Peromyscus crinitus                     canyon mouse                              S5
Peromyscus eremicus                     cactus mouse                              S5
Peromyscus maniculatus                  deer mouse                                S5
Peromyscus truei                        pinon mouse                               S5
Procyon lotor                           raccoon                                   S5
Puma concolor                           mountain lion                             S5
Reithrodontomys megalotis               western harvest mouse                     S4
Scapanus latimanus                      broad-footed mole                         S3
Sciurus griseus griseus                 western gray squirrel                     S4
Sigmodon arizonae plenus                Arizona cotton rat                        SX
Sorex merriami                          Merriam's shrew                           S3
Sorex monticolus                        montane shrew                             S3
Sorex palustris                         water shrew                               S2
Sorex preblei                           Preble's shrew                           S1S2
Sorex tenellus                          Inyo shrew                                S2
Sorex trowbridgii                       Trowbridge's shrew                        S2
Sorex vagrans                           vagrant shrew                             S4
Spermophilus beecheyi                   California ground squirrel                S5
Spermophilus beldingi                   Belding's ground squirrel                 S5
Spermophilus canus                      Merriam's ground squirrel                S3S4
Spermophilus elegans nevadensis         Wyoming ground squirrel                   S4
Spermophilus lateralis                  golden-mantled ground squirrel            S5
Spermophilus mollis                     Great Basin ground squirrel              S4S5
Spermophilus tereticaudus               round-tailed ground squirrel              S5
Spermophilus variegatus                 rock squirrel                             S5
Spilogale gracilis                      western spotted skunk                     S4
Sylvilagus audubonii                    desert cottontail                         S5
Sylvilagus nuttallii                    Nuttall's cottontail                      S5
Tadarida brasiliensis                   Mexican free-tailed bat                  S3S4B
Tamiasciurus douglasii                  Douglas's squirrel                        S5
Taxidea taxus                           badger                                    S4
Thomomys bottae abstrusus               Fish Spring pocket gopher                 SH
Thomomys bottae curtatus                San Antonio pocket gopher                 SH
Thomomys monticola                      mountain pocket gopher                    S3
Thomomys talpoides                      northern pocket gopher                    S5
Thomomys townsendii                     Townsend's pocket gopher                 S4S5
Urocyon cinereoargenteus                gray fox                                  S5
Ursus americanus                        black bear                                S4
Ursus arctos horribilis                 grizzly bear                              SX
Vulpes macrotis                         kit fox                                   S3
Vulpes vulpes necator                   Sierra Nevada red fox                     S3
Zapus princeps                          western jumping mouse                     S2