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(last upadted 03 Jan 2013)
As of the date above, the following native bird taxa are known by the Nevada Natural Heritage Program to be regularly occurring species (either residents or seasonal visitors) within the state of Nevada. The taxa included in this list reflect the taxonomic opinions and interpretations of the Nevada Natural Heritage Program, and may therefore differ from lists originating elsewhere. Taxonomy follows the American Ornithologists' Union (AOU) Checklist of North American Birds (7th ed. and supplements). Some of the taxa are tracked on the Nevada Natural Heritage Program Animal and Plant At-risk Tracking List or included on the Animal and Plant Watch ListA comprehensive state checklist of all birds observed in Nevada; reviewed, compiled, and regularly updated by the Nevada Bird Records Committee, can be found here. General information is available for nearly all taxa on the NatureServe Explorer website. We welcome documentation for taxa that should be added to or removed from this list.

 Scientific Name                        Common Name                            Srank
Accipiter cooperii                      Cooper's Hawk                          S3
Accipiter gentilis                      Northern Goshawk                       S2
Accipiter striatus                      Sharp-shinned Hawk                     S3
Actitis macularia                       Spotted Sandpiper                      S4B
Aechmophorus clarkii                    Clark's Grebe                          S4B
Aechmophorus occidentalis               Western Grebe                          S4B
Aegolius acadicus                       Northern Saw-whet Owl                  S4
Aeronautes saxatalis                    White-throated Swift                   S4B
Agelaius phoeniceus                     Red-winged Blackbird                   S5
Agelaius tricolor                       Tricolored Blackbird                   S1B
Aimophila ruficeps                      Rufous-crowned Sparrow                 S1
Aix sponsa                              Wood Duck                              S3
Ammodramus savannarum                   Grasshopper Sparrow                    SU
Amphispiza belli                        Sage Sparrow                         S4B,S4N
Amphispiza bilineata                    Black-throated Sparrow                 S5B
Anas acuta                              Northern Pintail                       S5
Anas americana                          American Wigeon                      S2B,S3N
Anas clypeata                           Northern Shoveler                    S3B,S5N
Anas crecca                             Green-winged Teal                    S4B,S5N
Anas cyanoptera                         Cinnamon Teal                          S5B
Anas discors                            Blue-winged Teal                       S2
Anas platyrhynchos                      Mallard                                S5
Anas strepera                           Gadwall                              S4B,S5N
Anser albifrons                         Greater White-fronted Goose            S2N
Anthus rubescens                        American Pipit                         S5?
Antrostomus arizonae                    Mexican Whip-poor-will                 S1B
Aphelocoma californica                  Western Scrub-Jay                      S5
Aquila chrysaetos                       Golden Eagle                           S4
Archilochus alexandri                   Black-chinned Hummingbird              S4B
Ardea alba                              Great Egret                            S4B
Ardea herodias                          Great Blue Heron                       S5
Asio flammeus                           Short-eared Owl                        S4
Asio otus                               Long-eared Owl                         S4
Athene cunicularia hypugaea             Western Burrowing Owl                  S3B
Auriparus flaviceps                     Verdin                                 S3
Aythya affinis                          Lesser Scaup                         S1B,S3N
Aythya americana                        Redhead                                S4B
Aythya collaris                         Ring-necked Duck                     S2B,S4N
Aythya marila                           Greater Scaup                          S1N
Aythya valisineria                      Canvasback                             S3S4
Baeolophus ridgwayi                     Juniper Titmouse                       S5B
Bombycilla cedrorum                     Cedar Waxwing                        S2B,S4N
Botaurus lentiginosus                   American Bittern                       S3B
Branta canadensis                       Canada Goose                           S5
Branta hutchinsii                       Cackling Goose                         SNA
Bubo virginianus                        Great Horned Owl                       S5
Bubulcus ibis                           Cattle Egret                           S5
Bucephala albeola                       Bufflehead                             S4N
Bucephala clangula                      Common Goldeneye                       S4N
Bucephala islandica                     Barrow's Goldeneye                     SNA
Buteo jamaicensis                       Red-tailed Hawk                        S5
Buteo lagopus                           Rough-legged Hawk                      S4N
Buteo lineatus                          Red-shouldered Hawk                    S1
Buteo regalis                           Ferruginous Hawk                       S2
Buteo swainsoni                         Swainson's Hawk                        S2B
Butorides virescens                     Green Heron                            S4B
Calcarius ornatus                       Chestut-collared longspur              SNA
Calidris alba                           Sanderling                             SNA
Calidris alpina                         Dunlin                                 S4N
Calidris bairdii                        Baird's Sandpiper                      S1M
Calidris himantopus                     Stilt Sandpiper                        SNA
Calidris mauri                          Western Sandpiper                      S5M
Calidris melanotos                      Pectoral Sandpiper                     S1M
Calidris minutilla                      Least Sandpiper                        S4N
Callipepla californica                  California Quail                       S5
Callipepla gambelii                     Gambel's Quail                         S5
Calypte anna                            Anna's Hummingbird                     S4N
Calypte costae                          Costa's Hummingbird                    S3B
Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus         Cactus Wren                            S4
Cardellina pusilla                      Wilson's Warbler                      S2B,S5M 
Cathartes aura                          Turkey Vulture                         S5B
Catharus guttatus                       Hermit Thrush                          S4B
Catharus ustulatus                      Swainson's Thrush                      S3B
Catherpes mexicanus                     Canyon Wren                           S4S5
Centrocercus urophasianus               Greater Sage-Grouse                    S3
Certhia americana                       Brown Creeper                          S5
Chaetura vauxi                          Vaux's Swift                          S3S4N
Charadrius nivosus nivosus              Western Snowy Plover                   S3B
Charadrius semipalmatus                 Semipalmated Plover                    S4N
Charadrius vociferus                    Killdeer                               S5
Chen caerulescens                       Snow Goose                             S4N
Chen rossii                             Ross' Goose                            S3N
Chlidonias niger                        Black Tern                            S2S3B
Chondestes grammacus                    Lark Sparrow                           S4B
Chordeiles acutipennis                  Lesser Nighthawk                      S3S4B
Chordeiles minor                        Common Nighthawk                       S5B
Chroicocephalus phildelphia             Bonaparte's Gull                       S3M
Cinclus mexicanus                       American Dipper                       S4S5B
Circus cyaneus                          Northern Harrier                       S4
Cistothorus palustris                   Marsh Wren                             S4N
Coccothraustes vespertinus              Evening Grosbeak                       S2
Coccyzus americanus occidentalis        Western Yellow-billed Cuckoo           S1B
Colaptes auratus                        Northern Flicker                       S5
Colaptes chrysoides                     Gilded Flicker                         S1
Columbina inca                          Inca Dove                              S4
Contopus cooperi                        Olive-sided Flycatcher                 S2B
Contopus sordidulus                     Western Wood-Pewee                     S4B
Corvus brachyrhynchos                   American Crow                          S5
Corvus corax                            Common Raven                           S5
Cyanocitta stelleri                     Steller's Jay                         S4S5
Cygnus buccinator                       Trumpeter Swan                         S1B
Cygnus columbianus                      Tundra Swan                            S4N
Dendragapus fuliginosus                 Sooty Grouse                           SNR
Dendragapus obscurus                    Dusky Grouse                           S3
Dolichonyx oryzivorus                   Bobolink                               S3B
Dryocopus pileatus                      Pileated Woodpecker                    S1
Dumetella carolinensis                  Gray Catbird                           SNA
Egretta thula                           Snowy Egret                            S4B
Elanus leucurus                         White-tailed Kite                      SNA
Empidonax difficilis                    Pacific-slope Flycatcher               S3M
Empidonax hammondii                     Hammond's Flycatcher                   S3B
Empidonax oberholseri                   Dusky Flycatcher                       S4B
Empidonax occidentalis                  Cordilleran Flycatcher                 S5B
Empidonax traillii adastus              Great Basin Willow Flycatcher          S1S2
Empidonax traillii brewsteri            Sierra Nevada Mtn. Willow Flycatcher   S2B
Empidonax traillii extimus              Southwestern Willow Flycatcher         S1B
Empidonax wrightii                      Gray Flycatcher                        S4B
Eremophila alpestris                    Horned Lark                            S5
Euphagus cyanocephalus                  Brewer's Blackbird                     S5
Falco columbarius                       Merlin                                 S3N
Falco mexicanus                         Prairie Falcon                         S4
Falco peregrinus                        Peregrine Falcon                       S2
Falco sparverius                        American Kestrel                       S4
Fulica americana                        American Coot                          S5
Gallinago delicata                      Wilson's Snipe                         S4
Gallinula galeata                       Common Gallinule                       S3
Gavia immer                             Common Loon                            S2N
Gavia pacifica                          Pacific Loon                           S4
Geococcyx californianus                 Greater Roadrunner                     S4
Geothlypis tolmiei                      Macgillivray's Warbler                 S4B
Geothlypis trichas                      Common Yellowthroat                    S3B
Glaucidium gnoma                        Northern Pygmy-Owl                     S4
Grus canadensis tabida                  Greater Sandhill Crane               S2B,S3M
Gymnorhinus cyanocephalus               Pinyon Jay                            S3S4
Haemorhous cassinii                     Cassin's Finch                         S5
Haemorhous mexicanus                    House Finch                            S5
Haliaeetus leucocephalus Bald Eagle (contiguous US pop.) S1B,S3N
Himantopus mexicanus                    Black-necked Stilt                    S3S4B
Hirundo rustica                         Barn Swallow                           S5B
Hydroprogne caspia                      Caspian Tern                          S2S3B
Icteria virens                          Yellow-breasted Chat                   S3B
Icterus bullockii                       Bullock's Oriole                       S5B
Icterus cucullatus                      Hooded Oriole                          S4B
Icterus parisorum                       Scott's Oriole                         S4B
Ixobrychus exilis                       Least Bittern                          S2B
Ixoreus naevius                         Varied Thrush                          SNA
Junco hyemalis                          Dark-eyed Junco                        S5
Lanius excubitor                        Northern Shrike                       S4?N
Lanius ludovicianus                     Loggerhead Shrike                      S4
Larus argentatus                        Herring Gull                           S5N
Larus californicus                      California Gull                        S5B
Larus delawarensis                      Ring-billed Gull                       S5B
Larus thayeri                           Thayer's Gull                          SNA
Leucophaeus pipixcan                    Franklin's Gull                        S3B
Leucosticte atrata                      Black Rosy-Finch                       S3
Leucosticte tephrocotis                 Gray-crowned Rosy Finch                S3N
Limnodromus griseus                     Short-billed Dowitcher                 S1M
Limnodromus scolopaceus                 Long-billed Dowitcher                  S4N
Limosa fedoa                            Marbled Godwit                         S3M
Lophodytes cucullatus                   Hooded Merganser                       S3N
Loxia curvirostra                       Red Crossbill                          S5
Megaceryle alcyon                       Belted Kingfisher                      S4
Megascops kennicottii                   Western Screech-Owl                    S4
Melanerpes lewis                        Lewis's Woodpecker                     S3
Melospiza lincolnii                     Lincoln's Sparrow                    S2B,S4N
Melospiza melodia                       Song Sparrow                           S5
Melozone aberti                         Abert's Towhee                         S3
Mergus merganser Common Merganser S4S5N,S4?B
Mergus serrator                         Red-breasted Merganser                 S2N
Mimus polyglottos                       Northern Mockingbird                   S5B
Molothrus ater                          Brown-headed Cowbird                   S5B
Myadestes townsendi                     Townsend's Solitaire                   S5
Myiarchus cinerascens                   Ash-throated Flycatcher                S4N
Myiarchus tyrannulus                    Brown-crested Flycatcher               S2B
Nucifraga columbiana                    Clark's Nutcracker                     S5
Numenius americanus                     Long-billed Curlew                    S2S3B
Numenius phaeopus                       Whimbrel                               SNA
Nycticorax nycticorax                   Black-crowned Night-Heron              S5B
Oreortyx pictus                         Mountain Quail                         S3
Oreoscoptes montanus                    Sage Thrasher                          S5B
Oreothlypis celata                      Orange-crowned Warbler                 S4B
Oreothlypis luciae                      Lucy's Warbler                        S2S3B
Oreothlypis ruficapilla                 Nashville Warbler                      S3B
Oreothlypis virginiae                   Virginia's Warbler                     S4B
Otus flammeolus Flammulated Owl S4B
Oxyura jamaicensis                      Ruddy Duck                            S4S5B
Pandion haliaetus                       Osprey                               S1B,S3M
Parabuteo unicinctus                    Harris's Hawk                          SNA
Passerculus sandwichensis               Savannah Sparrow                       S5B
Passerella iliaca                       Fox Sparrow                            S5B
Passerina amoena                        Lazuli Bunting                         S5B
Passerina caerulea                      Blue Grosbeak                          S3B
Passerina cyanea Indigo Bunting S2S3
Patagioenas fasciata                    Band-tailed Pigeon                     S3
Pelecanus erythrorhynchos               American White Pelican                 S2B
Pelecanus occidentalis                  Brown Pelican                          S1N
Perdix perdix                           Gray Partridge                         SNA
Petrochelidon pyrrhonota                Cliff Swallow                          S5B
Phainopepla nitens                      Phainopepla                            S2B
Phalacrocorax auritus                   Double-crested Cormorant               S4B
Phalaenoptilus nuttallii                Common Poorwill                        S5B
Phalaropus lobatus                      Red-necked Phalarope                   S4M
Phalaropus tricolor                     Wilson's Phalarope                  S2S3B,S4M
Pheucticus melanocephalus Black-headed Grosbeak S4B
Pica hudsonia                           Black-billed Magpie                    S5
Picoides albolarvatus                   White-headed Woodpecker                S2
Picoides arcticus                       Black-backed Woodpecker                S1
Picoides dorsalis                       American Three-toed Woodpecker         S2
Picoides pubescens                      Downy Woodpecker                       S4
Picoides scalaris                       Ladder-backed Woodpecker               S4
Picoides villosus                       Hairy Woodpecker                       S4
Pinicola enucleator                     Pine Grosbeak                          S2
Pipilo chlorurus                        Green-tailed Towhee                    S5B
Pipilo maculatus                        Spotted Towhee                         S5
Piranga flava                           Hepatic Tanager                        SNA
Piranga ludoviciana                     Western Tanager                        S4B
Piranga rubra                           Summer Tanager                         S2B
Plegadis chihi                          White-faced Ibis                       S3B
Pluvialis dominica                      American Golden-Plover                 SNA
Pluvialis squatarola                    Black-bellied Plover                   S4N
Podiceps auritus                        Horned Grebe                           S4N
Podiceps nigricollis                    Eared Grebe                            S4B
Podilymbus podiceps                     Pied-billed Grebe                      S4
Poecile atricapilla                     Black-capped Chickadee                S4S5
Poecile gambeli                         Mountain Chickadee                     S5
Polioptila caerulea                     Blue-gray Gnatcatcher                  S4B
Polioptila melanura                     Black-tailed Gnatcatcher               S4
Pooecetes gramineus                     Vesper Sparrow                         S4B
Porzana carolina                        Sora                                  S3S4
Psaltriparus minimus                    Bushtit                                S4
Pyrocephalus rubinus                    Vermilion Flycatcher                   S2
Quiscalus mexicanus                     Great-tailed Grackle                   S5
Rallus limicola                         Virginia Rail                         S3S4
Rallus longirostris yumanensis          Yuma Clapper Rail                      S1
Recurvirostra americana                 American Avocet                        S4B
Regulus calendula                       Ruby-crowned Kinglet                 S4B,S4N
Regulus satrapa                         Golden-crowned Kinglet                S4S5N
Riparia riparia                         Bank Swallow                           S3B
Salpinctes obsoletus                    Rock Wren                              S5
Sayornis nigricans                      Black Phoebe                           S4
Sayornis saya                           Say's Phoebe                           S5B
Selasphorus calliope                    Calliope Hummingbird                   S4B
Selasphorus platycercus                 Broad-tailed Hummingbird               S4B
Selasphorus rufus                       Rufous Hummingbird                     S3M
Setophaga coronata                      Yellow-rumped Warbler                  S5B
Setophaga graciae                       Grace's Warbler                        S2B
Setophaga nigrescens                    Black-throated Gray Warbler            S5B
Setophaga occidentalis                  Hermit Warbler                         S2B
Setophaga petechia                      Yellow Warbler                         S3S4B,S4M
Setophaga townsendi                     Townsend's Warbler                     S4N
Sialia currucoides                      Mountain Bluebird                      S4
Sialia mexicana                         Western Bluebird                       S3
Sitta canadensis                        Red-breasted Nuthatch                  S5
Sitta carolinensis                      White-breasted Nuthatch                S5
Sitta pygmaea                           Pygmy Nuthatch                         S3
Sphyrapicus nuchalis                    Red-naped Sapsucker                   S4S5B
Sphyrapicus ruber                       Red-breasted Sapsucker                 S3
Sphyrapicus thyroideus                  Williamson's Sapsucker                 S2
Spinus pinus                            Pine Siskin                            S5
Spinus psaltria                         Lesser Goldfinch                       S4B
Spinus tristis                          American Goldfinch                     S5
Spizella arborea                        American Tree Sparrow                  S4N
Spizella atrogularis                    Black-chinned Sparrow                  S3B
Spizella breweri                        Brewer's Sparrow                       S4B
Spizella passerina                      Chipping Sparrow                       S5B
Stelgidopteryx serripennis              Northern Rough-winged Swallow          S5B
Sterna forsteri                         Forster's Tern                         S3B
Sterna hirundo                          Common Tern                            SNA
Strix occidentalis occidentalis         California Spotted Owl                 S1N
Sturnella neglecta                      Western Meadowlark                     S5
Tachycineta bicolor                     Tree Swallow                           S5B
Tachycineta thalassina                  Violet-green Swallow                   S5B
Thryomanes bewickii                     Bewick's Wren                          S5
Toxostoma bendirei                      Bendire's Thrasher                     S1
Toxostoma crissale                      Crissal Thrasher                       S3
Toxostoma lecontei                      Le Conte's Thrasher                    S2
Tringa flavipes                         Lesser Yellowlegs                      S4N
Tringa melanoleuca                      Greater Yellowlegs                     S4N
Tringa semipalmatus                     Willet                                 S3B
Tringa solitaria                        Solitary Sandpiper                     S4N
Troglodytes aedon                       House Wren                             S5B
Troglodytes troglodytes                 Winter Wren                            S1
Turdus migratorius                      American Robin                         S5
Tympanuchus phasianellus columbianus    Columbian Sharp-tailed Grouse          S1
Tyrannus tyrannus                       Eastern Kingbird                       S1B
Tyrannus verticalis                     Western Kingbird                       S5B
Tyrannus vociferans                     Cassin's Kingbird                      S3B
Tyto alba                               Barn Owl                               S4
Vireo bellii arizonae                   Arizona Bell's Vireo                   S2B
Vireo cassinii                          Cassin's Vireo                         S3B
Vireo gilvus                            Warbling Vireo                         S4B
Vireo plumbeus                          Plumbeous Vireo                        S4B
Vireo vicinior                          Gray Vireo                             S3B
Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus           Yellow-headed Blackbird                S4B
Zenaida asiatica                        White-winged Dove                      S3B
Zenaida macroura                        Mourning Dove                          S5
Zonotrichia albicollis                  White-throated Sparrow                 SNA
Zonotrichia atricapilla                 Golden-crowned Sparrow                 S4N
Zonotrichia leucophrys                  White-crowned Sparrow                  S5