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(last update 03 Jan 2013)
As of the date above, the following native amphibian taxa are known by the Nevada Natural Heritage Program to occur presently, historically, or temporarily, within the state of Nevada. The taxa included in this list reflect the taxonomic opinions and interpretations of the Nevada Natural Heritage Program. Reptile and amphibian taxonomy largely follows Collins & Taggart (2009) and may differ from lists originating elsewhere. Some of the taxa are tracked on the Nevada Natural Heritage Program Animal and Plant At-risk Tracking List or included on the Animal and Plant Watch List. General information is available for nearly all taxa on the NatureServe Explorer website. We welcome documentation for taxa that should be added to or removed from this list.
Scientific Name                         Common Name                              Srank
Anaxyrus boreas                         western toad                             S4
Anaxyrus cognatus                       Great Plains toad                        S2
Anaxyrus microscaphus                   Arizona toad                             S2
Anaxyrus nelsoni                        Amargosa toad                            S2
Anaxyrus punctatus                      red-spotted toad                         S5
Anaxyrus woodhousii woodhousii          Woodhouse's toad                         S5
Bufo sp. 1                              Dixie Hot Springs toad                   SU
Bufo sp. 2                              Fish Lake Valley toad                    SU
Lithobates fisheri                      Vegas Valley leopard frog                SX
Lithobates onca                         relict leopard frog                      S1
Lithobates pipiens                      northern leopard frog                    S2S3
Pseudacris regilla                      Pacific chorus frog                      S5
Rana luteiventris pop. 3 Columbia spotted frog (Great Basin pop.) S2S3
Rana sierrae                            Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frog         SH
Spea intermontana                       Great Basin spadefoot                    S4