Potentilla basaltica

Scientific Name:Potentilla basaltica
Common name:Soldier Meadow cinquefoil
Rank and Status   
Global Rank:G1 Native Status:Native
Subnational (State) Rank:S1 Endemic:No
US ESA Status:None Sand Dunes:No
NNHP Tracking Status:At-Risk List Wetland:Yes
Other Agency Status Status Last Updated Status Comments
Bureau of Land Management - Nevada Sensitive BLM Nevada Sensitive Species List dated 2017-10-01
Bureau of Land Management - California Sensitive BLM California Special Status Plants list dated 2015-05-28
Nevada Native Plant Society Threatened
Distribution (NV Counties)

Status: Confident or certain

Summary Occurrence Data
Occurrence Count:2
Total Observed Area (hectares):Not Available
Maximum Known Elevation (m):1396
Minimum Known Elevation (m):1335
Potentilla basaltica data at NatureServe
Potentilla basaltica photos and data at Encyclopedia of Life
Character Abstract
Identification Comments:
Subspecies Comments:
Phenology Comments:
Reproduction Comments:
Habitat Comments:Moist salt-crusted clay in alkaline meadows above, and cooled outflow stream margins below, thermal springs, generally on slight southeast slopes, with Juncus balticus, Scirpus maritimus, S. acutus, Triglochin maritima, Distichlis spicata, Sisyrinchium halophilum, Nitrophila occidentalis, Carex spp., Pyrrocoma racemosa, Solidago spectabilis, Sphaeromeria potentilloides, Astragalus argophyllus, Lotus purshianus, Ericameria nauseosa, Sarcobatus vermiculatus, etc.
Ecology Comments:
Inventory Comments:Surveys in Nevada are substantially complete, but some potential habitat may remain unexamined, given the species' recent discovery in California.
Inventory Needs:
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