Riparia riparia

Scientific Name:Riparia riparia
Common name:Bank Swallow
Rank and Status   
Global Rank:G5 Native Status:Native
Subnational (State) Rank:S2B Endemic:No
US ESA Status:None Sand Dunes:No
NNHP Tracking Status:At-Risk List Wetland:No
Other Agency Status Status Last Updated Status Comments
Nevada Wildlife Action Plan - 2012 Species of Conservation Priority
CCVI Score Moderately Vulnerable Conf. VH; Factors contributing to increased vulnerability are climate change mitigation, historical and physiological hydrological niche, and physical habitat.
Distribution (NV Counties)

Status: Predicted or probable

Carson City Eureka Lyon Storey
Churchill Humboldt Mineral Washoe
Douglas Lander Pershing White Pine
Summary Occurrence Data
Occurrence Count:2
Total Observed Area (hectares):Not Available
Maximum Known Elevation (m):1426
Minimum Known Elevation (m):1295
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Riparia riparia photos and data at Encyclopedia of Life
Character Abstract
Identification Comments:
Subspecies Comments:
Food Habits:Feeds primarily on flying insects (e.g., beetles, mosquitoes, winged ants, flies, moths). Catches insects in the air over fields, wetlands, water, etc. If necessary, may forage up to several kilometers from nesting area, but usually closer.
Phenology Comments:
Reproduction Comments:
Migration Mobility:
Habitat Comments:Open and partly open situations, frequently near flowing water (AOU 1983). Nests in steep sand, dirt, or gravel banks, in a burrow dug near the top of the bank, along the edge of inland water or along the coast, or in gravel pits, road embankments, etc. Tends to return to same nesting area in successive years, though may move several kilometers away, especially if nesting was unsuccessful the previous year; yearlings often return to the natal area or nearby (Turner and Rose 1989).
Ecology comments:The GBBO (2011) analysis of bird population responses to projected effects of climate change could not attach Bank Swallow to any measurable parameter of riparian habitats.
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