Sphaeralcea caespitosa

Scientific Name:Sphaeralcea caespitosa
Common name:Jones globemallow
Rank and Status   
Global Rank:G2 Native Status:Native
Subnational (State) Rank:S2 Endemic:No
US ESA Status:None Sand Dunes:No
NNHP Tracking Status:Do not track Wetland:No
Distribution (NV Counties)

Status: Confident or certain

Summary Occurrence Data
Occurrence Count: Not Available
Last Observed: Not Available
Total Observed Area (hectares): Not Available
Maximum Known Elevation (m): Not Available
Minimum Known Elevation (m): Not Available
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Sphaeralcea caespitosa photos and data at Encyclopedia of Life
Character Abstract
Identification Comments:
Subspecies Comments:
Phenology Comments:Flowering May-June, fruiting mid-May to August.
Reproduction Comments:
Habitat Comments:Dry, open, flat to gently sloped, gravelly carbonate soils on alluvium and valley fill, often more abundant on recovering disturbances such as washes and roadsides, in the greasewood, shadscale, and mixed shrubs zones with Atriplex confertifolia, Artemisia spinescens, Tetradymia, Ephedra viridis, Enceliopsis nudicaulis, Kochia americana, Pleuraphis jamesii, Eriogonum shockleyi, E. inflatum, Sphaeralcea grossulariafolia, Sarcobatus, Dalea searlsiae, Astragalus newberryi, Penstemon palmeri, Mirabilis alipes, etc.
Ecology Comments:
Inventory Comments:Systematic surveys have been conducted in Nevada, but more potential habitat likely remains to be examined.
Inventory Needs:
Version Date:
Illustration from Mozingo and Williams, 1980.
Photographer: Peggy Duke
Photo Date: 1980