Crenichthys baileyi baileyi

Scientific Name:Crenichthys baileyi baileyi
Common name:White River springfish
Rank and Status   
Global Rank:G2T1 Native Status:Native
Subnational (State) Rank:S1 Endemic:Yes
US ESA Status:Listed endangered Sand Dunes:No
NNHP Tracking Status:At-Risk List Wetland:Yes
Other Agency Status Status Last Updated Status Comments
Bureau of Land Management - Nevada Sensitive BLM Nevada Sensitive Species List dated 2017-10-01
State of Nevada Protected Endangered Fish NAC 503.065.2
Nevada Wildlife Action Plan - 2012 Species of Conservation Priority
Nevada Wildlife Action Plan - 2005 Species of Conservation Priority
CCVI Score Presumed Stable Conf. VH
Distribution (NV Counties)

Status: Confident or certain

Summary Occurrence Data
Occurrence Count:2
Total Observed Area (hectares):1
Maximum Known Elevation (m):1103
Minimum Known Elevation (m):1094
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Crenichthys baileyi baileyi photos and data at Encyclopedia of Life
Character Abstract
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Habitat Comments:According to Tuttle et al (1990) few springfish were observed in the Ash Springs outflow; no more than three were sighted in any one season in three years of study. Virtually the entire White River springfish population occurred in Ash Springs pool. Population estimates varied considerably over the three year study and ranged from 1,050 in the fall of 1986 to 2,685 in the winter of 1988. Only adults ( > 25 mm TL) were counted. There was no apparent seasonal pattern for abundance. Adult White River springfish were found in a wide range of total water depths, reflective of the wide range of depths available in Ash Springs pool. Focal depth (depth from bottom) and relative depth (percent of total water depth) suggest the majority were closer to the bottom. Juveniles (10 to 25 mm TL) and larvae ( < 10 mm TL) generally occurred in shallower water, and were more vertically dispersed than adults. Virtually all springfish occurred in pool habitat at zero velocity. Other life history characteristics for White River springfish are similar to other C. baileyi subspecies.
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