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Botrychium ascendens

Scientific Name:Botrychium ascendens
Common name:upswept moonwort
Family:Ophioglossaceae Minor Group:Fern Major Group:Vascular Plant
Rank and Status     
Global Rank:G3 Endemic:No NNHP Track Status:At-Risk List
Subnational (State) Rank:S1 Sand Dunes:No USESA Status:No Status
Native Status:Native Wetland:Yes
Other Agency Status Status Last Updated Status Comments
US Forest Service - Region 4 (Intermountain) Sensitive USFS list, Jan 2015 update
US Forest Service - Region 5 (California) Sensitive 2013 FS R5 RF Sensitive Plant Species List
US Forest Service - Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit Sensitive 2013 FS R5 RF Sensitive Plant Species List
Nevada Native Plant Society Watch
Distribution (NV Counties)

Status: Confident or certain

Summary Occurrence Data
Occurrence Count:4
Total Observed Area (hectares):2
Maximum Known Elevation (m):2760
Minimum Known Elevation (m):2670
Botrychium ascendens data at NatureServe
Botrychium ascendens photos and data at Encyclopedia of Life
Character Abstract
Identification Comments:Positive identification of moonworts depends on the use of technical keys and on comparison with silhouette outlines of verified specimens, often complicated by morphological variability within and between populations, and the presence of several species growing together at the same site.
Subspecies Comments:
Phenology Comments:
Reproduction Comments:
Habitat Comments:Moist ground of spring head area in deep shade on north-facing slope with Dodecatheon redolens, Smilacina stellata, Pinus monophylla, Pinus ponderosa, Pinus flexilis, Aquilegia formosa, and Pinus longaeva.
Ecology Comments:
Inventory Comments:Surveys underway in the Spring Mountains, other mountain ranges in the state with potential habitat (Grant, White, Snake, Toiyabe, Toquima, Monitor, Ruby, Jarbidge, etc.) not yet surveyed.
Inventory Needs:
Version Date:

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