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Pyrgulopsis gibba

Scientific Name:Pyrgulopsis gibba
Common name:Surprise Valley pyrg
Rank and Status   
Global Rank:G3 Native Status:Native
Subnational (State) Rank:S3 Endemic:No
US ESA Status:None Sand Dunes:No
NNHP Tracking Status:Watch List Wetland:Yes
Distribution (NV Counties)

Status: Confident or certain

Lyon Washoe
Summary Occurrence Data
Occurrence Count:2
Total Observed Area (hectares):Not Available
Maximum Known Elevation (m):Not available
Minimum Known Elevation (m):1893
Pyrgulopsis gibba data at NatureServe
Pyrgulopsis gibba photos and data at Encyclopedia of Life
Character Abstract
Identification Comments:This species is unique among members of the genus in having penial ornament of terminal gland, Dg3, and ventral gland. Shell ovate- to narrowconic; height 2.7-3.5 mm; whorls 4.0-4.75. Protoconch about 1.5 whorls, early portion weakly wrinkled and incised with weak spiral grooves. Populations are generally uniform in morphology however some vary in size, shape, and penial ornament.
Subspecies Comments:
Food Habits:
Phenology Comments:
Reproduction Comments:
Migration Mobility:Limited abilty for dispersal as organism is tied to stable spring and spring outflow systems.
Habitat Comments:
Ecology comments:
Version Date:09/03/2019 - 12:00am

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