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Rare Plant Workshop

The Nevada Rare Plant Workshop is the annual meeting of the Rare Plant Committee of the Nevada Native Plant Society. It is held annually in either the Reno or Las Vegas areas, on the first Thursday or Tuesday (respectively) in April, plus an adjoining day. This two-day workshop invites public- and private-sector botanical experts and resource professionals from throughout the west to gather and discuss current and new information, hear in-depth presentations on current research and projects, and to review and recommend conservation priorities for Nevada's rarest plant species. The Nevada Native Plant Society's status list assignments are reviewed and, when necessary, changed at this workshop for plant taxa of concern to the group. Other agency status assignments are reviewed, and change recommendations are recorded as appropriate for consideration by the agencies. Status changes and recommendations are made only with the consensus of all participants. The Workshop is convened by the Nevada Native Plant Society, and the Nevada Natural Heritage Program participates as an interested co-sponsor. Participation is by invitation, and requests for invitations of new participants are always welcome. The next workshop is scheduled for Spring 2018, in Reno. For more information, contact the Nevada Natural Heritage Program Botanist.