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Notes: The Nevada Natural Heritage Program completed a Nevada Wetland Program Plan (WPP) in accordance with the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Core Elements Framework. The focus of the WPP was determined based on a survey sent to stakeholders representing 16 state and federal agencies, three local government or tribal agencies, two universities, 10 non-profit organizations, three consulting firms and one mining corporation, as well as private stakeholders. Based on the stakeholder survey results, as well as the recognition that sustainable funding is imperative to the creation of long-term objectives and actions, the WPP focuses on three core program elements: Monitoring and Assessment, Voluntary Restoration and Protection, and Sustainable Financing. The goal of the WPP is to identify how resources and planning activities will be prioritized over the next six years. Specifically, the WPP seeks to integrate wetland research and management, monitoring and assessment, and protection and restoration projects occurring across the state to insure programs are complimentary, inform resource investments, and allow managers to understand and weigh tradeoffs among potential actions. Keywords: EPA, core elements framework, ecology, wetland

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