Submit Data

We welcome submissions of sighting and survey data for at-risk and watch-list plants and animals from knowledgeable individuals, in ANY FORMAT that meets our minimum data standards. Over the years, the contributions of numerous individuals and agencies have created a foundation of accurate and up-to-date information on Nevada's at-risk species, resulting in more appropriate conservation priorities, and more effective and timely conservation actions. For large data sets in electronic format, we can accept the original files in a number of formats including databases and most ESRI file types. If you have a large data set you would like to contribute, please contact us to arrange transfer of the data.

Survey123 Observation Form

You can now submit observations electronically through Survey123. This form can be used with or without an AGOL account and can be used offline as long as the form is loaded in Survey123. Users can attach photos, draw points, lines, or polygons, or capture GPS data. This form can now accept negative survey data, just select "Was the Species Detected?" > No. Available through web browser or Survey123 app.

iNaturalist Projects

You can now submit observations of Track and Watch List species to our iNaturalist projects using your computer or mobile device. iNaturalist only collects point data so if you would like to submit polygon data, please use our Survey123 form. 

Nevada Native Species Survey Report

Older forms for submitting reports of individual species sightings.

Site Biological Inventory

This handy form can be used to generate species lists, community rélevés, photography, or collection notes, etc., for one or up to 10 related sites.

Nevada Plant Community Observation Report

We also welcome submissions of data for plant communities. All contributions of data for rare, at-risk, common, or even invasive plant communities are very welcome! We encourage you to use our 2-page Nevada Plant Community Observation Report form for plant community submissions.

Please submit all data to our Data Manager, Eric Miskow.