The Jepson desert manual: Vascular plants of southeastern California


  • Baldwin, B. G.
  • Boyd, S.
  • Ertter, B. J.
  • Patterson, R.W.
  • Rosatti, T. J.
  • Wilken, D. H.
  • Wetherwax, M.




University of California Press


Journal Reference: xiv + 626 pgs. ISBN 0520227751 Notes: a distillation of the 1993 Jepson Manual [Hickman 1993] for the southern deserts of California, up to and including the California portions of the White and Sweetwater mountains of the southwestern Great Basin. Includes some welcome additions such as more illustrations, photographs of selected taxa, flowering times, some nomenclatural updates, and a few updates and corrections to the 1993 treatments. The best available reference for this part of California, and in Nevada most useful for the Mojave Desert and other adjacent parts of the state, and for plant groups not recently covered in other works, particularly from the southwestern quarter of the state. Available through California Princeton Fulfillment Services, 1-800-777-4726

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  • Vascular Plants

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Identification - Technical