GIS Data

Nevada Natural Heritage GIS Data

Name Date Size(MB) Details
Species Data:
Sample of At-risk Species Occurrence Records Sept 2005 <1
Noxious Weeds Data Oct 2011
Vegetation and Landscape Ecology Data:
Nevada Vegetation Synthesis Map March 2008 70
Nevada Vegetation Project Index March 2008 4
Cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) Estimated Percent Cover Jan 2004 56
Annual Grass Index of Nevada June 2006 158
Annual Grass Index of Owyhee Uplands March 2007 34
Miscellaneous Base Layers:
Minor Phytogeographic Regions of Nevada Nov 2001 <1
Major Phytogeographic Regions of Nevada Nov 2001 <1
National Wetlands Inventory for Nevada Feb 2004 11
Lakes, Playas, and Other Water Bodies of Nevada March 2003 2

Other Geospatial Data Sources

Agency Name Type of Data Available
National Hydrography Dataset (and NV extract) Natural and artificial water features
Bureau of Land Management District Boundaries, Roads, Fires, Allotments, PLSS, Wilderness
Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest District Boundaries, Roads, Fires, Allotments, Wilderness, Vegetation and Ecology, Recreation Sites
USFS Region 5 Similar to HTNF, mostly for California.
US Environmental Protection Agency Land Cover, Ecoregions, Climate

GIS Software

Name Platform Size(MB) Details
NVTools v4.0 ArcView® 3.x z<1
GMSRead v1.1 ArcView® 3.x z<1
A General Toolbox ArcView® 3.x z<1

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