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Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and maintain a cost-effective, central information source and inventory of the locations, biology, and status of all threatened, endangered, rare, and at-risk plants and animals in Nevada.

We use the best available biological data to continually evaluate conservation priorities for over 700 native animals, plants, and vegetation types, focusing on those that are at greatest risk of extinction or serious decline.

As a non-regulatory, independent resource for scientifically objective data, environmental review, and technical assistance and expertise, we support the needs of diverse planning, conservation management, research, education, and economic development activities in Nevada.

The Program serves the citizens of Nevada as an "early warning system," providing high-quality information early in planning processes to help minimize costly resource conflicts, and to help prevent species from becoming threatened or endangered.

The Nevada Natural Heritage Program is a contributing member of NatureServe, a network connecting science with conservation, consisting of natural heritage programs and conservation data centers found across the United States, Canada, and Latin America. We are also part of the National Biological Information Infrastructure.

The Nevada Natural Heritage Program: providing biological information for balanced land-use decisions; charting Nevada's biological health since 1986.