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GIS Data

Nevada Natural Heritage GIS Data - Other Data Sources - GIS Software

Nevada Natural Heritage Program Geospatial Data Downloads
NameDateSize (MB)TypeScaleDetails
Sample of At-risk Species Occurrence RecordsSept 2005<1Polygon1:24k
Noxious Weeds DataOct 2011 Polygon1:24k
Nevada Vegetation Synthesis MapMarch 200870GRID1:100k
Nevada Vegetation Project IndexMarch 20084Polygon1:100k
Cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) Estimated Percent CoverJan 200456GRID1:100k
Annual Grass Index of NevadaJune 2006158GRID1:100k
Annual Grass Index of Owyhee UplandsMarch 200734GRID1:100k
Minor Phytogeographic Regions of NevadaNov 2001<1Polygon1:100k
Major Phytogeographic Regions of NevadaNov 2001<1Polygon1:100k
National Wetlands Inventory for NevadaFeb 200411Polygon1:250k
Lakes, Playas, and Other Water Bodies of NevadaMarch 20032Polygon1:100k
Place Names and Locations of NevadaNov 20011Point1:100k
7.5-minute (1:24,000) Map Quadrangles of Nevada and Bordering AreasAug 2003<1Polygon1:1
15-minute (1:62,500) Map Quadrangles of Nevada and Bordering AreasDec 2001<1Polygon1:1
1 x 0.5-degree (1:100,000) Map Quadrangles of Nevada and Bordering AreasDec 2001<1Polygon1:1
1 x 2-degree (1:250,000) Map Quadrangles of Nevada and Bordering AreasDec 2001<1Polygon1:1
2.5-minute Map Quadrangle Grid Tics for Nevada and Bordering AreasNov 2001<1Polygon1:1
Major Sand Dunes of NevadaNov 2001<1Polygon1:100k


Other Geospatial Data Sources
Agency NameType of Data Available
National Hydrography Dataset (and NV extract)Natural and artificial water features
Bureau of Land Management District Boundaries, Roads, Fires, Allotments, PLSS, Wilderness
Humboldt-Toiyabe National ForestDistrict Boundaries, Roads, Fires, Allotments, Wilderness, Vegetation and Ecology, Recreation Sites
USFS Region 5Similar to HTNF, mostly for California.
US Environmental Protection AgencyLand Cover, Ecoregions, Climate
Natural Resouces Conservation ServiceSoils, National Resources Inventory
US Geological SurveyWater Data (including floods and droughts), Earthquake Activity, Mineral Resources, Geographic Names
National Parks ServiceFeatures and Facilities within National Park System Units
US Fish and Wildlife ServiceNational Wildlife Refuge Boundaries
W.M.Keck Library - UNRTopomaps, Remote Sensing, Elevation Model, Historic Maps
Nevada Bureau of Mines and GeologyVirtual Clearinghouse for Nevada Geographic Information
Nevada Department of Wildlife Game and Fish species and their habitats.
Utah State University, Remote Sensing and GIS LaboratoryLeader and data source for the Nevada Gap Analysis Project
Clark County

Free and Paid data, Free data includes streets, district and zoning.

The software below is provided as-is with no warranty or support of any kind. Download and use of any or all of this software is at the user's sole and voluntary risk! This software is in the public domain, and may not be sold commercially.  Files with extension .avx must be placed in the EXT32 folder of your ArcView® 3.x installation to make them available for loading into an ArcView® 3.x project. In a project, choose File, Extensions, then find the name of the extension you wish to load, place a check mark next to it, and OK the window. Additional menus, buttons, and/or tools will then appear in various document windows.

GIS Software
NVTools v4.0ArcView® 3.x<1Sept 2006Convert/Append Attributes, Calculate from Grid, Compute Area, length, perimeter, Change coordinate display.
GMSRead v1.1ArcView® 3.x<1March 2003Converts Garmin Map Source files into ArcView readable tables with attributes.
A General ToolboxArcView® 3.x<1Dec 2002Tools for Layouts and Views, custom script tools, switching between sets of coordinates.
GPS Realtime betaArcView® 3.x<1Sept 2001Places a realtime GPS dot and a GPS data window in an ArcView project.
ExtractPoints v1.03ENVI® + IDL®7.2March 2006Extract data from a raster layer at points specified by a vector point layer.
Landsat 7 ConverterWindows<1July 2001Convert NLAPS format Landsat rasters to BIL.