Wetland Planning

In Nevada, wetland work and management is divided amongst dozens of separate organizations and hundreds of individuals. To work towards statewide wetland goals, NDNH collaborates with many state and federal agencies, nonprofits, and other stakeholders to create conservation plans.

Nevada Wetland Program Plan - The Wetland Plan identifies shared goals of Nevada wetland stakeholders. It is used to prioritize limited funding and resources for statewide wetland conservation over a six-year period (2023-2028). The Plan and wetland program activities will be periodically reviewed by a group of wetland stakeholders in Nevada during this time period. To provide input or join the wetland stakeholder group, please email the Wetland Program Coordinator.

Nevada Priority Wetlands Inventory - This report ranks Nevada's wetlands by conservation priority based on their ecosystem functions, threats, and urgency of stewardship work needed. This NPWI was updated in 2023; the original report from 2007 can be found here.

Nevada and Utah Springsnail Conservation Agreement and Strategy - There are more than a hundred known springsnail species in Nevada and Utah, some of which only exist at a single spring, making them susceptible to extinction. The Springsnail CAS was created to avert this possibility by bringing together two states and dozens of partners. The plan guides the Springsnail Conservation Team to collaborate and share resources to conserve Great Basin springsnails. 

Nevada Springs Conservation Plan - NDNH, the Desert Research Institute, and the Nature Conservancy collaborated on this plan, which outlines current condition, threats, and necessary actions to conserve some of Nevada’s most critical springs. The plan further describes seven highest priority springs landscapes that provide habitat for multiple endangered or endemic species, with specific conservation objectives for each. This document also includes other useful resources such as a description of key, measurable indicators for spring health, a list of groundwater-dependent endemic and endangered animals in Nevada, and categorization of common Nevada wetland plants by native status and tolerance of disturbance.

A pristine spring on Mt. Charleston. Photo courtesy of Friends of Nevada Wilderness.
A pristine spring on Mt. Charleston. Photo courtesy of Friends of Nevada Wilderness.

Nevada Wetlands Priority Conservation Plan - This plan provides an excellent, thorough introduction to wetlands in Nevada. It summarizes hydrologic, geomorphic, and biological conditions of wetlands, their importance to the ecosystem and humans, threats that face them, and guidelines for conservation.